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Current Rating: 3.69

Current Rating: 3.69

based on 68 votes and 25 reviews

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  • 5 stars Great story. We need more like this!
  • 3 stars Well it's ridiculous to say they shouldn't have shown the racism. That was the reality of the times. You have to remember the worst parts of history so you never repeat it. As far as the movie - great acting, ok story, ok movie. Kind of one of those movies you forget after you've seen it.
  • 5 stars I love this movie !! Funny & caring each other ,Highly recommend!!
  • 5 stars Entertaining, funny and yet, based on a true "unknown" story until fairly recently historical events released. Actors were phenomenal! It was very enjoyable. Highly recommend,
  • 5 stars Great movie. Recommended to all ages.
  • 5 stars Super acting, great story and true.
  • 1 stars Why is it so hard to actually stick to real history when passing something off as history? I have traveled to his part of the world and hold a degree in history. This tale is so distorted you may as well of had Victoria and the Hulk as the story line. Don't waste your time it will only confuse those with little history and anger those who know it. I love Dench but this is not worth the viewing.
  • 5 stars I wrote the review below this one and should clarify when I said: "English politics, rivalry, and unfavorable political appointments into the Kensington system caused Queen Victoria to distrust many around her." This was likely the Queen's perspective, not my personal take on the history at the time. This perspective may have also caused her to take interest in an outsider.
  • 5 stars The acting was top notch even by the supporting actors and actresses. This movie offers both drama and comedy and some insight into English history. At this time in British history, the United Kingdom was already a constitutional monarchy. So, Queen Victoria had little political power. She was a widow. She was an only child. All this must have made her feel lonely. She liked good looking men, the reason she picked her spouse over several other potential pre-arranged potentials, when she was younger. So, noticing Abdul's features is correct history. Also Queen Victoria, born at Kensington Palace, experienced an isolated upbringing, per accounts. English politics, rivalry, and unfavorable political appointments into the Kensington system caused Queen Victoria to distrust many around her. So, the friendship with Abdul makes sense. He provided her good company and being an outsider, who was hated by the system she did not trust, made it easy to trust him over them. Prince Edward was the eldest son of Queen Victoria. Queen Victoria and Prince Edward were not close, according to reports. Nonetheless, he was the Queen's heir apparent. He became King upon her passing. He did have Adul's papers burned and have Abdul returned to India. Some papers survived the burning. Later discovered and is the basis of this movie. There is some dramatization in this movie on some of the facts. These notes hopefully should not hinder your enjoyment of the movie. Instead, aid you when you reach the end of the movie.
  • 4 stars I enjoyed this movie even though it was slow sometimes. It was very touching at times and Judy Dench is her wonderful self. The actor playing Abdul was a delight. I would recommend this to people who like history and emotion.

Victoria & Abdul

Genre:  Drama
Running Time:  111 min.
In theatres:
September 29, 2017 - Toronto
October 6, 2017 - Expands

Current rating: Rating: 3.69
based on 68 votes and 25 reviews
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Cast: Michael Gambon, Judi Dench, Olivia Williams, Eddie Izzard, Simon Callow, Ali Fazal