Starchats & Celebrity Interviews

Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell, Scarlett Johansson, Ilana Glazer & Zoë Kravitz Interview - Rough Night

277 views | 4:51
Rating: 2.45

The stars of the movie Rough Night discuss the comedy film. The interview opens up with Scarlett Johansson explaining the meaning behind the movie and what it’s really...

Owen Wilson Interview - Cars 3

Release date: June 16, 2017
143 views | 2:34
Rating: 3.50

Owen Wilson talks about the plot of Cars 3 and his character, Lightning McQueen. He then goes on to discuss Lightning’s arch nemesis, Jackson Storm. He describes the...

Nathan Fillion Interview - Cars 3

Release date: June 16, 2017
306 views | 5:42
Rating: 3.50

Nathan Fillion, who voices Sterling in the Disney/Pixar film Cars 3, tells Tribute’s Marriska Fernandes what he likes best about this film and how he approaches the...

Armie Hammer Interview - Cars 3

Release date: June 16, 2017
110 views | 2:19
Rating: 3.50

Armie Hammer talks about his character, Jackson Storm, in Cars 3. He discusses how the original Cars film influenced him and why he loves them. He talks about the next generation...